Drinks and Dragons Adventurer's League

What is Drinks and Dragons Adventurer's League?

The Drinks and Dragons Adventurer's League is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition game event hosted by Drinks and Dragons and Falcon Brewery. Drinks and Dragons provides the games, dungeon masters, and adventure. Falcon Brewery provides excellent drinks, great food, and a very cozy environment.

How do I play?

About two weeks ahead of when Drinks and Dragons is able to run an event, we post it on our Facebook and create an eventBrite page where you can get a ticket and register for the event (also on the bottom of this page).

Once you have your ticket, all you need is an adventurer's league legal character (player's guide here), and some dice. We bring a bunch of pre-made characters each night. If you don't want to make a character, you have a wide variety of choice to get into the game easily.

Are there any perks?

In addition to the great fun that is playing Dungeons and Dragons with awesome people in a fantastic brewery, your ticket also comes with a beverage of your choice from Falcon Brewing. They have great beer, incredible draft root beer, as well as some fantastic wines and other drinks to enjoy.

From us at Drinks and Dragons, we hope to adventure with you soon!